3 Steps to a Content Marketing Strategy For Online Course Businesses

content strategy for course creators

Content planning for an online learning business (a business that offers signature courses, cohort-based programs, or transformational programs) isn’t complicated. Still, it also isn’t easy to implement in a day. You’ll find it’s much like creating your course content in the first place! You need a roadmap; it provides direction, guidance, and navigation to reach … Read more

The Full Content Marketing Plan for Course Creators #220

content marketing for course creators

If you’re an established course creator, you need to know about content marketing so you can build a warmer audience in the off-season (i.e. when you’re not launching!). I recently turned 40, and to celebrate, I’m giving away a big present to all of my loyal followers–a comprehensive guide to content marketing for established course … Read more

Conscious Launches with Sage Polaris #203


This week on the podcast, we’re talking with Sage Polaris, the Conscious Launch Strategist, and Copy Coach. She shares her story of creating a healthy launching environment around herself and her team. In addition, she explains the best organizational tips and tricks to succeed in your launching strategy. Do you ever feel like you’re doing … Read more

The Path to Becoming a Course Creator with Jess Rodriguez #178


Jess Rodriguez, owner of Freedom Driven Success is joining me today to talk all things time freedom and course creation. Jess is on an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven businesses expand beyond a 1:1 reliant business model with scalable offers that allow them to amplify their impact and profit, all while enjoying the freedom they … Read more

More Content Does Not Equal More Value with Mike Gregga #176

This week on the podcast, we’re talking with Mike Gregga, course curriculum developer, about how to decide what information to focus on in a course, building credibility, and why a course will never make someone an expert on anything. Topics discussed in this episode: Why you shouldn’t automatically choose an evergreen course over a live … Read more

Evergreen Isn’t Just For Low-Priced Offers #153

Rose Radford is a Business Strategist and Wealth Coach, former McKinsey Consultant and speaker. I asked her to join me on the podcast so we could discuss the evergreen webinar model instead of the more traditional launch cycle most entrepreneurs find themselves in. Join us as we talk about a different way to run your … Read more

The Real Reason Your Last Course Failed

the real reason your course failed

Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about something that’s actually been on my content planner for about a year, the wheel of branding. And don’t let it scare you, it’s actually going to be a short, impactful article. It may just change the way you create info products and it certainly will help you … Read more

Designing a Course That Actually Teaches #133 with Katie M. Smith

designing a course that actually teaches

Britney talks with Katie Smith, a course creation coach. Katie brings her background in education and Understanding By Design to talk about creating digital info products that actually teach your students to create on their own. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: The three steps in the Understanding By Design process The first question you need … Read more