Build Your Know, Like & Trust Factor Through PR with Dina Behrman

00:00 PR strategist Dena Behrman helps entrepreneurs gain recognition. 06:06 Visibility and expertise enhance credibility and trust. 08:39 Customers are discerning and can detect authenticity. 12:49 Showcase personality and mission in interviews/articles. 13:46 Relationship coach shares personal journey, gains clients. 19:30 Repurpose content for PR and audience growth. 22:40 Repurpose content for new articles to share. 26:46 Thank you, PR help in show notes.

Questions and Answers for Building Your Know, Like & Trust Factor Through PR 1. How does Dina Behrman define PR and how does she convey its relevance to solo entrepreneurs and small business owners? She defines PR as leveraging other people’s platforms to share one’s story and expertise. She conveys its relevance to solopreneurs by … Read more

Storytelling: Connecting with Your Audience in a Noisy World with Jay Acunzo

In today’s fast-paced digital world, creativity and storytelling have become essential tools for marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs to captivate their audience. From harnessing a potent premise for creativity and curiosity to embracing the power of storytelling in online marketing, these we explore the strategies that can elevate your content and set you apart from the … Read more

Under Promise, Over Deliver: The Know, Like, and Trust Factor

Under Promise, Over Deliver: The Know, Like, and Trust Factor

We’re going to delve into the timeless concept of under-promising and over-delivering, examining its significance through the lens of building Know, Like, and Trust. Join us as we uncover the power of setting expectations, the role of content as a filter, and the art of finding balance in exceeding client expectations sustainably. Setting Expectations: A … Read more

Building Trust with Your Audience: How Content Creates Connections with Jeremy Enns #233

Unlock the Secret to Boosting Your Audience's Trust

Quotables: Unlock the Secret to Boosting Your Audience’s Trust Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you work, you just can’t seem to build trust with your audience online? It’s a common frustration that many course creators and content marketers share. But thankfully, there is a way to authentically automate your marketing and … Read more

Building Trust in a Scammy World with Maggie Patterson #222

building trust online

Maggie Patterson, an experienced business consultant and coach, is determined to help service providers create trust-based and sustainable messaging and prevent others from falling prey to unethical and manipulative online marketing tactics. “It’s very easy for me to say, hey, I believe this set of tactics are wrong. I try not to be overly prescriptive … Read more

How to Show Up Authentically as YOU #157

As a Certified High Performance Coach, Mehreen Siddiqui equips her clients with the mindset, accountability, and leadership skills. Today on the podcast, we talk about the importance of showing up authentically in your business and life. Topics discussed in this episode: The importance of having conversations for business and personal growth How to show up … Read more

Open Loops & Curiosity In Content #152


Today we’re going to be talking about open loops and curiosity in content. Specifically, I’m going to be talking a lot about email, email open rates, and the future of marketing, and how it all ties into the know, like, and trust factor. Topics discussed in this episode: Building a loyal audience that isn’t just … Read more