How to Create a Freebie That Doesn’t Suck

hot to create a freebie that doesn't suck

List-building experts and business coaches are fond of saying you need a bribe to “get people” on your email list. Often, that’s true. But what if your bribe felt more like a gift and the exchange was truly delightful rather than just transactional? Freebies. Lead magnets. Freemiums. They’re the mailing list bribes you offer in … Read more

Super Sexy Lead Generation with Elizabeth Case #018

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Can lead generation, consistency, and timely follow-up be sexy? You bet it can, and Elizabeth Case brings the evidence to this show. Elizabeth brings more than 17 years of business development and sales experience, with a variety of companies from retail to nonprofit management. She is passionate about relationship development, consistent communication and follow up. … Read more