How to Use Your Book to Connect with Your Audience with Patti Zorr #207

book marketing

This week on the podcast, we’re talking with Patti Zorr, a book marketing strategist helping authors scale their business with their books. She shares her story of starting a book launching business and how to market your book and use it to connect more deeply with your audience. I am excited about this conversation, as … Read more

Conscious Launches with Sage Polaris #203


This week on the podcast, we’re talking with Sage Polaris, the Conscious Launch Strategist, and Copy Coach. She shares her story of creating a healthy launching environment around herself and her team. In addition, she explains the best organizational tips and tricks to succeed in your launching strategy. Do you ever feel like you’re doing … Read more

Measuring Your Sales Funnel’s Success with Google Data Studio Dashboards #198

sales funnel

Hey there, everybody. Today on the Know, Like & Trust Show, we will discuss why you should measure the results of your sales funnel and the best ways to do it properly. I hope this episode will be a jumping point for your business so that you can understand how to be confident in your … Read more