Strong Marketing: How to Lead #128

strong marketing: how to lead

We explore the parallels between great movie speeches and how to be a leader in your marketing. We cover the relationship between you, the marketer, and your audience, how to pitch yourself as a podcast guest, and the importance of your one thing. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: The great response I got from the … Read more

The Two Elements of Your Authentic, Automated Marketing Engine

The Two Elements of Your Authentic, Automated Marketing Machine

Your online business needs leads and leads come from two things: traffic and a well-defined pathway.  Traffic can come from a variety of sources–organic click-throughs from social media and search engines, paid traffic from the same, even colleagues shouting you out, or directory listings. While the sources are varied in terms of bang for your … Read more

Visibility + Strategy = Money #115

visibility plus strategy equals money

  The money formula you need to know as an online service business owner, especially in a year where new entrepreneurs are flooding the online business world. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Why being in a different niche doesn’t necessarily mean you have different problems The need for more nurturing in today’s marketing climate Why … Read more

Do you have a message worth listening to?

do you have a message worth listening to?

If you believe that you have a message worth listening to, then you have a responsibility to get that message out into the world. I could probably end this article right here, but I’m going to elaborate a bit because this message is THE core of what I believe. There’s a difference between a career … Read more

How to Create a Freebie That Doesn’t Suck

hot to create a freebie that doesn't suck

List-building experts and business coaches are fond of saying you need a bribe to “get people” on your email list. Often, that’s true. But what if your bribe felt more like a gift and the exchange was truly delightful rather than just transactional? Freebies. Lead magnets. Freemiums. They’re the mailing list bribes you offer in … Read more