Connections & Relationships with Jordache Johnson #193

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This week on the podcast, we talked with Jordache Johnson, a Business Growth Strategist, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur Coach. He shares tips on increasing your visibility and amplifying your impact. In addition, you will learn why human connection is so important when building new relationships. Also, make sure you stick around until the end of … Read more

5 Tips to Building Authority in a Personal Brand

At the crux of any personal branding strategy is the idea of authority. Who are you? What do you wish to be known for in your field? How do you want to show up to the world? And ultimately, what will they remember about you? Building authority in today’s digital, online service provider world is … Read more

Branding at a Higher Level

I was attending a wellness seminar last month and the speaker referenced a study on dumbbells that just floored me. The gist of the study was, a group was asked to lift weights for a certain period of time. Another group was asked to visualize lifting weights, but not actually lift them. At the end … Read more

Visibility: The First Cord of Branding

I speak on visibility, vulnerability and impact. I’m a brand strategist. Creating a vivid brand requires these three cords, interwoven enough that you can’t pull one without pulling the other but still separate enough that you can see each thread individually. So first, visibility. Branding isn’t about being visible to everyone, it’s about being visible to … Read more

How to Turn 3 Photos into 27 Marketing Pieces

how to use only three images for a complete branding strategy

I’ve recently spoken with a string of people who think more is better. In every business I’ve ever been a part of, I’ve lived by the quality over quantity mantra, and the same is true for personal branding. If you think about it, branding itself is meant to narrow your visibility to the potential clients … Read more

The Thing You Know You Should Not Do

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No, this isn’t a riff on “he who must not be named” but you may as well treat it with the same level of severity. Because there’s a thing you should not do. And often, you know it. There’s a person you want to put in their place for disrespecting your time or there’s a … Read more