Build Your Know, Like & Trust Factor Through PR with Dina Behrman

00:00 PR strategist Dena Behrman helps entrepreneurs gain recognition. 06:06 Visibility and expertise enhance credibility and trust. 08:39 Customers are discerning and can detect authenticity. 12:49 Showcase personality and mission in interviews/articles. 13:46 Relationship coach shares personal journey, gains clients. 19:30 Repurpose content for PR and audience growth. 22:40 Repurpose content for new articles to share. 26:46 Thank you, PR help in show notes.

Questions and Answers for Building Your Know, Like & Trust Factor Through PR 1. How does Dina Behrman define PR and how does she convey its relevance to solo entrepreneurs and small business owners? She defines PR as leveraging other people’s platforms to share one’s story and expertise. She conveys its relevance to solopreneurs by … Read more

Short Form to Long Form: Maximizing Your Content Library for SEO Benefits

Short Form to Long Form: Maximizing Your Content Library for SEO Benefits

Repurposing Short-Form Content Into Long-Form Content Hey there, fellow service providers! A few weeks ago, I promised to discuss a slightly unconventional topic – transforming a library of short-form content into long-form pieces. While I usually focus on repurposing long-form content into shorter formats, this question emerged during the Social Search Summit, where I participated … Read more

Maximize Your Content: AI Tools for Smart Repurposing Strategies

Maximize Your Content

How To Create More Time For Your Life Without Compromising Your Business Your business should support your life, not the other way around. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on non-content-related activities lately, like painting and gardening. I’m exploring acrylics, oil pastels, and mixed media on canvas, and I’m absolutely loving it. I … Read more