Connections & Relationships with Jordache Johnson #193

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This week on the podcast, we talked with Jordache Johnson, a Business Growth Strategist, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur Coach. He shares tips on increasing your visibility and amplifying your impact. In addition, you will learn why human connection is so important when building new relationships. Also, make sure you stick around until the end of … Read more

Your Small-Biz Edge #168


Today’s episode is going to be a think piece that is short and sweet, we’re going to talk about how you can find your small business edge. As a small business owner, you have the opportunity to make a quick pivot when necessary when something isn’t working, so let’s talk about a few of those … Read more

Time Scarcity & Your Business #165

Becca Rich is the founder of Holistic Time Coach, where she helps business owners expand their time and thrive. Join us as we discuss time scarcity and how to turn it into an abundance mindset instead. Topics discussed in this episode: Why Becca left her engineering career to pursue her own business What is time … Read more

Networking for Introverts #155


Jennifer Corcoran helps female entrepreneurs get visible on LinkedIn and create economic opportunities without having to resort to paid advertising or spammy cold outreach. Join us as we discuss networking and what that looks like for introverts like us. Topics discussed in this episode: How Jennifer started networking as a child (and maybe you did … Read more

Analyzing the Costs of Doing Business

This article covers a little spring cleaning for your business specifically as it relates to your tech stack and your value ladder. In my notes for this post, I actually titled this article, “Marie Kondo Your Biz”, but I’m not sure if I can legally call it that, but that’s basically what we’re going to … Read more