Content Honeytraps with Deirdre Tshien #209

Are you looking for tips on how to create content that is both effective and engaging? You will learn how to create content that is both effective and engaging. Deirdre Tshien is the cofounder and CEO of Capsho, the world’s first AI-powered podcast copywriter. She is the author of Honey Trap Marketing, and host of … Read more

How to Use Your Book to Connect with Your Audience with Patti Zorr #207

book marketing

This week on the podcast, we’re talking with Patti Zorr, a book marketing strategist helping authors scale their business with their books. She shares her story of starting a book launching business and how to market your book and use it to connect more deeply with your audience. I am excited about this conversation, as … Read more

Connections & Relationships with Jordache Johnson #193

connections relationships

This week on the podcast, we talked with Jordache Johnson, a Business Growth Strategist, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur Coach. He shares tips on increasing your visibility and amplifying your impact. In addition, you will learn why human connection is so important when building new relationships. Also, make sure you stick around until the end of … Read more

Benchmarks: You have to start somewhere #183

benchmarks and kpis for content

Hey there, everybody. Today on the Know, Like & Trust Show, we will be talking about the importance of creating benchmarks and building a measurement marketing system for your business. I will also share a few significant examples to understand this crucial business strategy better. Topics discussed in this episode: How to build a great … Read more