Visibility: The First Cord of Branding

I speak on visibility, vulnerability and impact. I’m a brand strategist. Creating a vivid brand requires these three cords, interwoven enough that you can’t pull one without pulling the other but still separate enough that you can see each thread individually. So first, visibility. Branding isn’t about being visible to everyone, it’s about being visible to … Read more

Paint Yourself Into the Best Brand You Can Envision with Jenna Soard #019

brand strategy from you can brand Jenna Soard

Jenna Soard of You Can Brand shares branding trials and successes, ranging everywhere from the time she struggled immensely with her own brand right on through her first six-figure course launch. She’s a design fanatic, branding expert and recently inspired blogger who takes experience as a college professor and designer at Nike to entrepreneurs looking to … Read more

How to Be Everywhere and Still Actually Work

how to be everywhere online and still actually do your job

“But you’re everywhere!” she said. “There’s no way I can keep up with that level of posting; I actually have to work.” Yes, these were words spoken to me not long ago. The following also was: “Instagram just isn’t my thing. I’m not good at photos like you.” “I can’t just make things happen. I’m … Read more

How to Turn 3 Photos into 27 Marketing Pieces

how to use only three images for a complete branding strategy

I’ve recently spoken with a string of people who think more is better. In every business I’ve ever been a part of, I’ve lived by the quality over quantity mantra, and the same is true for personal branding. If you think about it, branding itself is meant to narrow your visibility to the potential clients … Read more