Lisa Simone Richards shares her expertise as a PR and visibility strategist and how you can apply her tips to your small or micro business.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • “Pay for play” online features and why they are a scam
  • The differences between social, paid, and earned media
  • Lisa’s ABCs of Visibility
  • Why you don’t need to come up with brand new messaging every time you post
  • How many touchpoints you may need with someone before they become a client



This isn’t just paying a few bucks to get on a site that nobody’s ever read in their lives that’s not indexed by Google that’s not going to come up anywhere. This is actually how you develop real relationships with the right people to get that kind of credibility to honestly be featured.

One of the mistakes that I see with coaches and social media is that they think that posting on the same platform over and over again is going to grow their visibility. And the distinction here is you’re nurturing your existing audience, you are not growing your audience.

What if you went on somebody else’s IGTV, or you went live in somebody else’s Facebook group? Now you’re using social media in a way that gets you visible in front of new people, not just the same ones over and over again.

There used to be an adage that it takes seven marketing touchpoints to before a consumer makes a buying decision… that number has grown to 26 now.

Don’t come up with new stuff all the time. You can say that same thing over and over again. You’re the only person who’s so intimate with it. For other people it creates consistency.

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