The Content Easy Button

In this episode, Britney discusses the concept of the “Content Easy Button” and how it relates to marketing and repurposing content. She emphasizes the importance of strategic content planning, showing up authentically, and honing in on what works to create a consistent flow of clients. 

We cover soloists and content creation:

  • Importance of content for soloists
  • Challenges faced by soloists with limited time and a small client base
  • Embracing a content creation process for continuous business growth

You have to build a freeway to get people across the city in a timely manner. You have to connect streets so people can go there, and that’s what marketing does for your audience, it gives them the streets and the highways to go on so they can get to you faster and then get to that big change that will turn corners in their lives.

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Highlights in this episode:

  • 00:56 More time between episodes allows better content.
  • 02:42 Why do we need to market at all?
  • 05:20 Effective, standout content; repeatable and measured success.
  • 07:32 Content marketing: work, strategy, relationship building.
  • 11:06 Help is available for anyone struggling; reach out.

The Content Easy Button: For Those Who Believe in Their Work

For soloish entrepreneurs and seasoned marketers alike, the struggle to effectively market our content can often be a thankless task. We believe in our ideas and the remarkable services we have to offer, and it’s natural to question why we should have to put in the effort to market them. Shouldn’t people just instantly recognize the value we bring? Shouldn’t they be eager to work with us if they truly understood the transformative potential of our big idea?

In our minds, we imagine an elusive tool called the Content Easy Button – a magical solution that effortlessly generates engaging content and does the marketing for us, attracting clients like moths to a flame. If only we could find this easy button, we could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our content creation and marketing efforts would be taken care of in a flash.

But as we entertain these fantasies, we must confront the reality that marketing is an essential part of getting our ideas seen and heard. As much as we believe in our products or services, they won’t magically reach the right audience without our marketing efforts acting as a bridge.

What is the Content Easy Button?

As soloish entrepreneurs and established marketers, we’ve all been there, wrestling with the idea of making our content work for us. After all, we’ve got compelling ideas and incredible services to offer the world. So why should we have to market it at all? Shouldn’t people just… get it? Wouldn’t they indeed be chomping at the bit to work with us if they knew how transformative our big idea could be?

Sometimes we believe so strongly in what we offer and the service we’re putting out there, that it’s almost hard to understand why we have to market in the first place.

You’ve probably imagined this elusive Content Easy Button a la the Staples commercials, the magical tool that produces engaging content that markets for you, reeling in clients effortlessly. Ideally, we’d all have that magical tool, bang on it, and boom, our content creation and marketing would be done.

Why We Crave the Content Easy Button

The desire for this easy button stems from our confidence in our product or service’s transformative power. We believe so strongly in it that marketing feels extraneous–as in, yet another extra thing that isn’t necessary. You’ve probably thought, “Why should I have to market my service? If people knew what I offer, they’d want in!”

Reality Check: We Need Marketing

As beautiful as this concept might be, we must acknowledge that our brilliant ideas and life-changing services don’t just appear on people’s radar. Like highways and streets head to your house, marketing constructs a path for your audience to reach you. It’s the crucial connector between your big idea and the people who need it.

In this age, we all know that content is king, and effective content marketing can significantly boost your business. But let’s face it; we are busy helping people and improving lives. As much as we crave the easy content button, content creation might often get pushed aside due to our packed schedules.

Content: A Vital Marketing Tool

At this juncture, let me remind you that we’re in business to support and enhance our lifestyles, not vice-versa. Content, in particular, plays a pivotal role in effective marketing strategies. We understand that creating valuable and engaging content is a key driver of business success. However, with busy schedules and a focus on helping others, finding the time and energy for content creation can often be a challenge.

The closest thing to a content easy button is putting the three parts of the Uncommon Content framework into practice.

Navigating this dilemma requires a delicate balance between growing our businesses and maintaining a fulfilling personal life. Our aim is to support and enhance our lifestyles through our entrepreneurial activities, rather than being consumed by them. Finding ways to make our content work better for us is a worthy pursuit.

It’s easy to push off marketing and content when you have a full roster. But having a pipeline of people ready to go and fill that next opening? That takes a huge load of stress off.

So, whether you’ve been contemplating the existence of the Content Easy Button for some time now or if it’s a brand new concept to you, the fact remains that it’s a topic worth exploring. As entrepreneurs, we should continually strive to improve how our content connects with our audience. Our big ideas have the potential to change lives, and by mastering the art of content marketing, we can build the necessary bridge to bring these ideas to those who need them most.

Key Takeaway:

Creating content with your best client in mind is the number one goal, test, and filter for how + why you create content.

Do you need help creating a content marketing plan that allows you to shine?

We offer complimentary one-on-one consults to help determine if a done-with-you or done-for-you approach is best for you and your business right now.

Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!

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