The New Future of SEO: Information Gain for Small Businesses

Today we’re diving into the concept of information gain and its impact on SEO as we move forward from ChatGPT and the emergence of other AI tools. In a world where small businesses are up against noisy competitors with vast resources we just don’t have, it’s crucial to stand out and get ahead. But how do we do that? Well, information gain might just be the answer. 

We cover a survey conducted by saying 82% of business leaders believe that AI will disrupt their businesses in the next five years. And interestingly, 84% of small businesses using AI tools plan to continue using them. So, despite the disruptions, small businesses are embracing AI. 

But how can we use AI tools effectively and stay ahead in the game while still maintaining relevance? That’s a question we’ll explore in this episode. 

Up against industry giants, it can be challenging for small businesses to compete and find their place. With crowded search results and limited keyword availability, what can small service providers do to create content that stands out? We’ll discuss the importance of creating valuable content that goes beyond keyword optimization and instead focuses on information gain. 

We’ll explore how small businesses can leverage their unique perspectives, frameworks, and client stories to provide information that can’t be found in the top 10 search results. By getting our audience to think differently about the problems they face, we can build trust and establish ourselves as the go-to resource in our respective industries. 

So, join me as I  help you create content that not only ranks well but also adds significant value in this era of information gain and AI disruptions.

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Highlights in this episode:

  • 00:02:09 Small businesses believe AI will disrupt, use it anyway
  • 00:06:49 Use AI well, add value in content.
  • 00:10:44 Improving content creation through personal stories.
  • 00:12:01 Creating valuable content for small business SEO.

I’m just going to create good content whether it is search friendly or not.

Shifting SEO Perspective: Prioritizing Valuable Content for Small Service Providers

David vs Goliath content strategy

Running a very small service business comes with its own unique challenges. Limited resources and intense competition mean that you need to make every move count. One strategy that can give you a competitive edge is maximizing information gain. In this article, we will explore what information gain is, why it is important for small businesses, and strategies to maximize it. So, let’s dive in and start gaining some knowledge!

Understanding Information Gain

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of maximizing information gain, let’s first define what it actually means. Information gain refers to the process of collecting and analyzing data to extract valuable insights–that’s the technical definition. The layman’s definition is more like what you are actually adding that others can only get from you and not the next content piece they stumble upon.

When it comes to information gain, the possibilities are endless. From market research to customer behavior analysis, this concept allows businesses to uncover hidden gems that can significantly impact their success. By harnessing the power of data, businesses can gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve.

Creating Valuable Content: A Blogging Strategy for Small Service Providers

Now that we understand the concept of information gain, let’s explore why it is particularly important for small service businesses. The answers range from gaining a competitive advantage (yay!) to improving customer service and everything in between. Ideally, understanding the concept of information gain will make content creation easier for you.

I’ve been worn out trying to find the ‘perfect’ keywords for my small service provider business–and my clients have as well. Here’s the good news: creating valuable content doesn’t always require you to top search engine rankings. And if you’re looking for a David vs. Goliath kind of content marketing strategy, this is the one.

Embracing the “Long Tail” Keywords

SEO is about understanding and targeting keywords, right? But have you considered the power of “long tail” keywords? These are keyword phrases that are highly specific and can potentially drive very targeted search results. For example, ‘what I learned about creating better content from bad podcast pitches’. Oddly, the more wordy they are, the less competitive, and therefore, the higher likelihood of appearing in the search results–for the right person.

Because that’s why you’re creating content, right? For your best client. Not everyone.

winning with content as a micro business

Prioritizing Content Quality

Sometimes, there may simply be no relevant set of ranked keywords for the content you want to create. So, what to do? The answer is beautiful in its simplicity: just create good content. Yes, it’s that straightforward! Make it so valuable and unique that it stands out and resonates with your audience. Remember the essence of content creation should be to address an existing issue or area of interest.

Areas For Content Growth

Furthermore, information gain can help small businesses identify new opportunities for growth. By analyzing market trends and audience behavior, you can spot gaps in the market and develop innovative solutions to meet unmet needs. This proactive approach can give your business a significant advantage in a competitive landscape.

Thinking Beyond Top 10 Rankings With Information Gain

Some might claim that failed SEO equates to failed content. This is far from the truth. Even if your blog doesn’t make it to Google’s top 10, ask yourself, “What am I adding? What value am I bringing to my audience?” This perspective shift from search engine ranking to user value is crucial. This is “information gain”. The unique insights you offer bring invaluable perspectives to your audience, setting you a cut above rest.

information gain for the micro business service provider

Tapping into Your Unique Perspective

In a world dominated by online giants, how can you make your mark as a small service provider? The answer is also beautiful in its simplicity: by leveraging your unique perspective. 

What can you add that is NOT already out there. That is, what gain would the reader have by choosing your article or video over another on the same topic?

Your unique frameworks and how you apply them, your stories that you use to illustrate the point–that is something the audience can’t get elsewhere. Only from you. That is information gain for very small businesses in a nutshell. (For more on information gain, see Animalz’s article on the subject.)

You may not have a massive team or numerous backlinks to amplify your content, but you have something the giants can’t replicate – your unique point of view. You can, therefore, create content that provides a fresh take on a well-trodden topic instead of echoing what is already out there.

Key Takeaway:

Everyone has their own perspective–and that’s something the audience can only gain from you over some other article.

In conclusion, it may be time to step back from tactical SEO and redirect your energies to a more strategic effort – creating exceptional content that provides value and information gain for your audience. Be authentic, be unique, and let your voice shine through your content.

Do you need help creating a content marketing plan that allows you to shine?

We offer complimentary one-on-one consults to help determine if a done-with-you or done-for-you approach is best for you and your business right now.

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