The Promotion Gap: Rethinking the Role of Content in Your Business

It’s a noisy world–and you’ve got to cut through that noise to get noticed. What’s the point in creating content that nobody reads or watches? How long will you keep up your content creation journey if you don’t see results? Using curiosity and tension in your content is one of the best ways to ensure your viewer will keep viewing. If you want them to move from your audience to your community ultimately, you’ll want to learn the why + how behind open loops. Read on for the how-tos and seven examples of open loops you use in your content today.

Content can indeed play an instrumental role in our business growth, but it’s only going to do that if it’s promoted effectively, if it’s optimized for its target audience, your best client, and if it’s designed to make a true impact.

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Highlights in this episode:

  • [00:00:52] Taste outpaces expertise; reach for improvement.
  • [00:04:02] Redefining what task completion means in regards to content.
  • [00:05:43] The three things your content needs to be effective in your business.
  • [00:06:03] Close the promotion gap in business with 2 methods.
  • [00:07:28] Switching to a biweekly podcast schedule.
The Promotion Gap is the tension between publishing and promoting content

In the world of content creation, like much of creative work, there is often a divide between our aspirations for quality work and the actual skill level we possess. This disparity is known as The Taste Gap, coined by Ira Glass. While the taste gap can motivate us to improve our skills, it is The Promotion Gap that poses a danger for content creators, especially those who rely on their content to market their businesses.

If you’re like 90% of the creators out there, [publishing] is the end of the time that you’ve spent on that content, and that is a problem.

Understanding the Promotion Gap

The promotion gap occurs when content creators put in the effort to create valuable content but fail to invest sufficient time and energy into promoting it. Many creators consider their efforts complete once the content is published or distributed, but in reality, this is only half of the battle. Without effective promotion and optimization, the potential of the content remains unfulfilled.

Key Takeaway:

Content is just busy work until you plan to optimize it and promote it over an extended period.

The Problem with Completing Content

burning the midnight oil with busy work

The dopamine hit we receive when we complete the content piece (or get to check it off our to-do list) can act as a trap door, where we never see the true potential of that content piece fulfilled.

Completing content without a thought to its promotion can lead to a cycle of busywork. While posting on various platforms may yield a few leads, it fails to capitalize on the full potential of the content. This approach ultimately distracts us from other essential aspects of our businesses and prevents us from propelling our ventures forward.

Redefining Completion

To close the promotion gap, it is crucial to redefine our understanding of completion. Content should not be considered complete merely upon its creation but when it has been fully promoted and optimized. 

Content can be a wonderfully effective part of your business, but only if it’s:

  • promoted effectively
  • optimized for your best client
  • designed to make a true impact

This is what employing the Uncommon Content method is all about–mapping out your content, showing up with a spark of service (and that includes taking the time to promote it) and finally, dialing in the strategy so you’re using the best content well.

Closing the Promotion Gap

There are two practical ways to close the promotion gap and maximize the effectiveness of the content we create:

1. Separate Creation and Extended Promotion Tasks:

Instead of considering content creation as a single task to be checked off, break it down further. Create separate tasks for the creation phase and the extended promotion phase. This simple step ensures that content promotion receives the attention it deserves and prevents it from becoming an afterthought.

By separating the tasks of content creation and promotion, content creators can ensure that their efforts are not in vain.

time investment for content creators

2. Implement a Content Database and ROI Dashboard:

A content database allows you to track and organize your content based on topics or themes. This provides a visual representation of your content inventory and allows you to identify which pieces should be prioritized for promotion. Coupled with a Content ROI Dashboard, which measures the impact and engagement of your content, you can make informed decisions about what content to promote more heavily.


Closing the promotion gap is crucial for small businesses and content creators looking to make the most of their efforts. By redefining completion, implementing separate tasks for creation and promotion, and utilizing a content database and ROI dashboard, content creators can ensure that their content is not relegated to the realm of busywork. Ultimately, closing the promotion gap allows us to scale the effectiveness and impact of the content we create in our businesses. So, let’s take the challenge and close the promotion gap for a brighter future in content creation.

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Why is it important to redefine what completion means when it comes to content creation?

It is important to redefine what completion means in content creation because true completion comes not just from producing the content, but also from fully promoting and optimizing it. Redefining completion helps prevent content from becoming mere busywork and ensures its potential is fulfilled.

How can solopreneurs and small businesses make the most of the content they create?

Solopreneurs and micro businesses can make the most of their content by scaling efficiency and effectiveness. This can be achieved by measuring the impact of content through a content database and content measurement dashboard, allowing them to prioritize and promote pieces that resonate with their best client.

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