The Two Sides of the Visibility Coin

Why ISN’T your branding attracting clients?

The quick and dirty answer is that you aren’t speaking to your best clients’ pain points in a way that presents you as the only solution to their problem.

Diving in further, it’s an issue of visibility.

There are two sides to the visibility coin, and you need to address both.

  1. you have to be willing to show up/be visible
  2. you want to be memorable/visible to cut through the noise

Your branding isn’t memorable enough or visible enough to attract clients.

You need to cut through the noise in this… the noisy, boisterous world we live in. And to cut through the noise, you need to be memorable enough for your best client to register what you’re saying.

For example, I’ve seen a ton of content lately on creating content. How to batch your caption writing for Instagram, how to do business sprints for creation, etc. I can’t remember the name of a single person who has talked about it.

There are two reasons I can’t remember. The first is that everyone is talking about it so the message is getting lost in the shuffle. The second is that when everyone is talking about the same thing, it’s harder to stand out from the crowd with a unique take on the message.

If you want to stand out when talking about content creation, you need to share a specific process on how to do it. You need to share a client success story. Or you need to do it with a whole lotta personality and pizzazz. Giving the same, tired three steps everyone else shares won’t make you memorable.

If your best clients’ most pressing pain point is that they stare at the blinking cursor, unsure of what to say when writing social media posts, then they won’t find your three steps to being efficient while writing content helpful, because they’re not THERE yet.

The way to stand out from the crowd and offer memorable value is simple: answer their problem. Present your offer as the best solution to that problem.

Once you’re memorable, you become visible to your best clients. Until that point, you’re just another name they’re scrolling past as they move through the feed.

The first side of the visibility coin is harder for some. If showing up and putting your pretty mug all over social media invokes fear, you need to get help with that.

The people I work with are movers and shakers, but they didn’t all start that way.

They started out wanting to make an impact and grew into the people they are today.

A big part of that growth is getting over their fear of being visible.

You have to be visible on your website and social media. As an online entrepreneur, it’s nearly impossible to build up your know, like and trust factor without showing your face.

I’ve been offering content ideas to a few people at a time over on Instagram as a fun giveaway and today had the opportunity again. One of my volunteers doesn’t have their face anywhere–not on their website, their IG profile, nothing! It made it difficult for me to connect with them and offer personalized ideas because I had no idea who they are as a person.

Another example, I recently provided a client with brand photography mentoring. She found my website, liked my style and ended up hiring me. We met over zoom for a few calls and then she flew out to Portland to photograph a client with me so she could see a real experience.

As our time together ended, she mentioned she first contacted me because I’m not afraid to show my gray. I laughed because I don’t have gray hair (and kind of can’t wait till I do)! But the photo I use on the front page of my site has little whispies around my hairline which tend not to hold dye as well, so they look a bit gray.

She trusted my appearance before even contacting me because I was a proud woman willing to show herself, flaws and all. While the gray isn’t so accurate, I can promise you that the photo is unretouched. It’s important to me to show real people, and it’s really me.

You can’t be memorable without being visible, and being truly seen requires both.

She wouldn’t have hired me if I hadn’t shown up on my website they way I expect my clients to show up on theirs.

Showing up and being visible matters. And once you show up, you will be more memorable!

You can’t be memorable without being visible, and being truly seen requires both.

If you’re still struggling in this area, you need Instant Badass Brand.

Instant Badass Brand is two meetings with me and you’ll walk away with a complete brand strategy so you know what to say, where to say it, and how to show up visually tomorrow. Not six months from now–tomorrow!

We’ll answer once and for all, “Why ISN’T your branding attracting clients?”

We’ll design power statements your best clients can’t help but respond to and art direct a photoshoot so you always have the words and pictures to go along with any offer, any promo, on any social media platform.

Want in? I’m opening enrollment for the next month so you start 2020 off the way you WANT TO.

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