There’s Always An Excuse

If you think I haven’t heard all the excuses yet, you’re wrong. There’s always a reason a woman is waiting for her photos to be done, always something. I promise you, I’ve heard them all.

I want to lose some weight

I put this one first, because the reality is, this is what I most often hear. The thing is, very few people in this population are in perfect, tip-top shape. And they’d probably still use some version of this statement to delay if they could!

A good photographer shapes a body with great posing. Repeat after me: this is not Photoshop trickery. In fact, every minute I spend in Photoshop is a minute I should be doing something else, so I avoid it whenever possible. I will pose you so you look your best. The old cliche about a camera adding ten pounds? Ha! The RIGHT photographer removes ten pounds.

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I don’t have time

I say you don’t have time NOT to! I fully believe a woman who feels great about herself is more successful and efficient. If you’re spending less time worried about the image you present in your workplace or friend space, you gain that time to actually get work done and enjoy life. If you’re running yourself ragged by always doing doing doing for others with no rest for yourself, you’ll burn out and that’s the biggest waste of time ever.

Put yourself first for once, so you can continue to invest well into others. They’ll thank you for being more present when they really need you!

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It’s too much money

Well I’ll tell you what, I’ve got something for everyone. You can invest in not-so-corporate headshots on your own for a few hundred, even less if you arrange a group. That’s a tax-deductible expense I might add! Is that too much money to help you attract better and more clients?

Not into the business thing? Modern beauty sessions start at only $190. If you’re like most people, you eat out a couple times a month and that number is probably close if not higher than a modern beauty session which will last for years to come. More importantly, it’s a self-confidence booster and a reminder that above all, you’re worth it.

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And that brings us to the final excuse…

I don’t deserve it.

To be honest, I’ve never had anyone say this out loud to me. But really, all other excuses boil down to just this one. You absolutely deserve to take a little time and feel good about yourself. You completely need to remember you’re a woman first. And if you can put yourself first for just a small chunk of time, you’ll carry that feeling out with you into the world so you can thrive.

Surviving isn’t a positive term for most people. But what if you set yourself a goal to help you get from surviving into thriving? What if you have a big project you’re currently logging ridiculous hours on, a project that’s going to take your business to the next level. Why not honor that achievement with a business + personal session that helps your business (tax deductible and pretty!) AND gives your family something to remember.

Or perhaps you’ve finally gotten all your children safely out of the house and into the world on their own. Is that not something to celebrate? As I hear my three year old down the hallway I can only dream of such a day… of that sense of accomplishment. I like to believe I’d acknowledge that!

So if you still don’t think you deserve it, I’ll lay out a little challenge. Try it. Just try it and see how you feel. I promise you’ll feel amazing and beautiful and powerful and it will be worth every minute you invest in yourself.

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