Throwback Thursday, the Pro Edition

One of my favorite things about being on Instagram is Throwback Thursday, #tbt. It’s so fun seeing friends post images from years past. I might have even seen them the first time around, but now they’re a blast from the past and it’s fun to see what still holds true today. What’s still important today? It’s a time warp at times, but it’s usually the connection and the relationships that make those old images relevant to your current life.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time lately thinking about my history as a photographer. It’s no secret I started in the wedding world and that was my focus for many years. But last week I had a dream and while I can’t remember most of it, I certainly remember the black and white photo above. It was shot on medium format film and was one of the first times I’d photographed with professional studio lights. And it was taken well over a decade ago. I wish I remembered more about the dream, but I woke up thinking of that photo and instantly recognized that while I’ve grown in so many areas as a photographer, some things never change. I’ve always loved photographing women. Every kind of woman. So I dug up that photo. Thankfully I scanned it in years ago as well from the original fiber print! And what do you know, last month’s session with Ashley looks mighty similar.

modern glamour portraits in portralnd oregon

So I kept looking through my folder of “portrait favorites” that I semi-regularly populate. Ina’s 2007 boudoir session in my old Long Beach studio looks rather similar to the personal side of Mekala’s recent session. And a test shoot I did with my sister in another studio after purchasing new lights and a new camera? It has a very similar feel to Ashley’s modern glamour portraits as well.

portland glamour photographer

I was meant to do this. I am here, in this place, to help women feel beautiful. I’ve been doing it the entire time I’ve been a photographer and all I’ve got to say is, onward and upward. Every woman needs to know her power and know her strength and feel that instead of feeling self doubt. Whether you’re 20 or 60, willowy or curvy, pregnant with your first or a mother of three, it does not matter. You’re beautiful and I’m here to remind you of that.

portland portrait couture photos

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