Becca Rich is the founder of Holistic Time Coach, where she helps business owners expand their time and thrive. Join us as we discuss time scarcity and how to turn it into an abundance mindset instead.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why Becca left her engineering career to pursue her own business
  • What is time scarcity?
  • How time scarcity manifests itself in life and business
  • How to determine what you actual time capacity is
  • Why it may be helpful to track your time in your business
  • Hourly pricing vs. project pricing



I burned out when I was an engineer. And so before I even started my business, I had this foundation of how I wanted to spend my time and how to make my core values aligned with my schedule.

Most of the time for business owners, we think that we have to wait until one day — when we have a huge team, we have a ton of money, we have all these things — in order to spend our time how we want to and not feel so stretched thin.

It’s possible to start wherever you are today in order to start aligning your core values with your time.

Studies have shown that our prefrontal cortex literally shuts off when we experience stress. So we can’t make marketing content that actually connects with humans when our brains actually shut off.

You will never find a project management tool or a strategy that helps you actually get to the root of that time scarcity mindset.

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