Dark Branding Expert Amanda Cromer

She is still making waves in the personal branding world today. Though this interview is five years old, it’s still an old favorite of mine! And her words, “Turning people on between their ears,” continue to endure in my brain so many years later.

I love cerebral branding. In fact, content that makes your audience THINK is one of my best suggestions for cutting through the noise and making a name for yourself. (Yes, even in today’s ever-more-crowded online business world!)

Ready for some guidance on the best ways to use your online presence to do just this?

The Visibility Accelerator is the best way to create content that does turn your best client on between their ears, track that content, and learn to reuse your best work so you can do less in the realm of content creation and more of what you do best: serving your clients.

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Amanda Cromer is a personal branding specialist who specializes in transformative storytelling. In a sense, what she does is so much larger than branding as she’ll tell you later in the show. She’s a powerhouse and taught me a few things about perspective changes regarding my chosen topic of expertise!

From Amanda: “I work with women to give them confidence, clarity and control in their personal brand. I do this by extracting the unique personal story of my clients – then show them how to build services, audiences and platforms out of those stories. I use my 20+ years of editorial, media, marketing and publishing experience (plus my creative vision, intuition and insight) to turn ambitious women into works of art. I truly love – and excel at – crafting women’s stories into something spectacular.”


  • How Amanda’s background and a few early career avenues led to her business today
  • The “name” of what you do and how it leads people to see what you really do
  • Look at what you do differently, what makes you unique and put together services no one else can offer to make good money
  • The origin of what you’re saying bears weight, as it does when I felt defensive about being a “real” photographer
  • The personal branding work Amanda does is about being brave and taking a leap of faith
  • The levels of niche, from those who are drawn to you all the way to those aching to hear what you have to say
  • Why you can’t ask clients to do what you’re not willing to do yourself.
  • People often shy away from personal branding as it can be uncomfortable and since the entrepreneurial journey is already uncomfortable
  • Everyone starts using a handwritten font because they’re all scared to step outside what they think is working!
  • Most people don’t gain traction because they don’t put out what really makes them unique and aren’t willing to put out a raw story
  • Your brand isn’t about logos and the colors you use, but about humanity and empathy and building relationships
  • Setting boundaries and making easy decisions is a side benefit of a clear personal brand
  • How Amanda views chasing the Know Like and Trust factor as a marketing recipe
  • If you can talk about your unique thing without fear of what others will think of you, your ideal client will know you
  • David Bowie as a case study: he didn’t choose words for marketing effect, he simply was
  • Amanda talks about how she came to realize her synaesthete vision is one of her super powers



Winning the Story Wars by Jonah Sachs

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