If you’re feeling frustrated because you’re not ranking higher in search engines, then this episode is for you! SEO for your personal name? Yes, it’s a thing! Here’s how to do it:

“Don’t let a Googling surprise happen to you.”

I was at CEX a few months ago when I got a surprise. They gave us name tags with our name and a QR code on it that led to a Google search results page for our name. When I Googled my name, I was shocked to see that I didn’t come up first. In fact, I wasn’t even in the top three. Someone else with a similar name had taken my spot. This made me realize that I needed to work on my personal SEO. I needed to make sure that I was coming up first when people searched for me. I started by making sure that all my social profiles had the same picture and bio. I also worked on getting some quality backlinks. I made sure that any time I was mentioned in an article or podcast it linked to my website, not my social profiles.

Here’s a breakdown of what is covered:
[00:00:06] – Have you googled yourself recently.

[00:01:17] – Keyword seo vs personal SEO.

[00:03:15] – How to rank for your name.

[00:04:06] – Common names and google results.

[00:09:46] – Three things to boost your personal seo.

[00:13:25] – Your about page.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Knowing the difference between keyword SEO and personal SEO
  • How to get found online when you have a common name
  • Three types of content that will level up your personal SEO


Resources Mentioned

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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!