Data-driven Marketing Strategy For Service Businesses: Removing your ego from marketing

So here’s the question for you guys: do you need support in this area?

If you do, I have two options. If you’re either just getting started with content creation, or you’ve been doing content a while and you realize, “Hey, it’s not producing the results that I want it to produce,” Content Lab is your first stop, you can go to to find more information. I have a free training on how to content plan for your business, the big mistakes that people tend to fall into as they start their content planning.

And, yes, the final module in that self-study course is about how to measure your content. I include in that self-study course, by the way, one-to-one chat support with me. Why do I do that? Well, like I said, I listened to the data. I looked at what was going on with Content Lab and talked with a few people who have taken the program. And it turns out, they don’t need a big group program for that, they really just want to do the work, listen to the short trainings, get it done, and if they have a question, have direct access to me. So that is exactly what I put out there for you guys.

Now, if you need a little bit more than that, if you like this dashboard idea that you’re hearing here, creating a marketing and content dashboard is the next level of marketing measurement. The Visibility Accelerator Intensive is your first step to create your personal dashboard for all marketing needs. And I am happy to tell you more about that, just go ahead and message me on Instagram, or hop onto my website and schedule a call for that.

These options are both available for you. There are different levels of investment and different levels of results as well because I understand, you could be anywhere on the spectrum of content planning, when we’re talking about automated, authentic marketing, measuring that marketing is a huge piece of knowing what we can automate. And that really is what we have a goal for here. We want to get you to a place where you don’t have to spend so much time marketing your business and you can really just get back to what you started your business to do in the first place.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this article. Let me know if you enjoyed the content here.

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