visibility for the average online biz owner

We walk through what visibility means to the average (not influencer/guru!) online business owner using lessons inspired by a novel, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • We start the episode by referencing a recent novel I read and how many business lessons I gleaned from this decidedly non-business book
  • What Addie’s desire to live and experience everything and Henry’s desire to be enough have to do with visibility, branding, and showing up online
  • The importance of being memorable
  • How to plant ideas with your audience
  • What you have to do first to be more memorable: show up
  • How to commit to a visibility plan even if your first value is freedom and can’t stand fitting into a box
  • Knowing you’re enough and working through Imposter Syndrome
  • What the In N Out and Shake Shack rivalry has to do with Imposter Syndrome
  • You have permission to be yourself exactly as you are right now, even if you’re messy



“You can’t be a chameleon online, tailoring your message to the person you’re speaking to as you do when you’re selling to a single person.”

“To be unforgettable you have to get over yourself.”

“You won’t be for everyone and that’s not only okay, it’s necessary.”

“It’s a noisy world and only getting noisier. To stand out you have to show up in an unforgettable way.”

Resources Mentioned

To Market Your Business Online:

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You just have to know where you’re going. The Biz GPS Intensive is the best way to get that 30,000-foot view of your business–and a concrete plan for the next six months.

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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!