What Is Uncommon Content?

Uncommon Content: Rising Above the Sea of Sameness with Your Online Presence

In this episode, Britney Gardner debuts “Uncommon Content” and discusses the importance of crafting unique and thought-provoking content to stand out in a sea of sameness. She shares her content framework for established business owners online. She explains why she chose the term “uncommon” and highlights the value of having a distinct voice and approach online.

Highlights in this episode:

  • 00:02:44 Uncommon branding, thanks to those who have helped along the way.
  • 00:05:36 Debuting Uncommon Content
  • 00:06:25 Unique voice sets us apart online.
  • 00:08:38 Why uncommon? Why not just unique or different?
  • 00:11:44 Non-strategic content hampers effective learning and results.
  • 00:13:53 What Uncommon Content is

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What is Uncommon Content?

Uncommon Content is a way of approaching content marketing specifically for online service providers–that is, those who engage with (and ultimately land) clients online. How a solo-ish service business approaches creating content online doesn’t fall within the typical content marketing audiences–we’re not content creators of the influencer persuasion, and we’re not SaaS companies churning out daily blog posts, either. But we still need content to work for us. Here’s how.

leaving the sea of sameness with dynamic content

Signs you may need the Uncommon Content approach: 

  • Are you tired of getting lost in the sea of sameness–aka digital marketing noise? 
  • Do you want to craft content that stands out instead of conforming to the same old SEO and social media algorithms? 

If so, then it’s time to become a content rebel and embrace the world of Uncommon Content. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Uncommon Content is and how it can help you make a real connection with your online audience. We’ll also take inspiration from an unconventional online store called Uncommon Goods and give thanks to the amazing individuals who have helped shape this content framework. So, are you ready to break new ground and join the content rebellion?

Becoming a Content Rebel with Uncommon Content 

We’re shaking things up and cutting through the noise of the digital marketing world. The aim? To craft content that shares our driving message, but doesn’t get lost in the algorithms of SEO and social media but instead and stands out in the “sea of same.”

Uncommon Content: breaking new ground

neon flamingo creating content

What exactly is “Uncommon Content?” It’s content that’s different, unique, and intentionally non-conforming. It’s about shunning the “usual” and instead, opting to stand out boldly. No more busy work, no more being a content chameleon. It’s time to be the bright, neon flamingo. 

Uncommon Content helps people build that know, like, and trust journey with you so that when they are ready to hire someone, you are the natural choice.

Uncommon content is nuanced and considered, distinct, and special. 

  • Distinct because we’ve strategized it, and shared the nuanced thinking. 
  • Special, and maybe even a bit unusual or peculiar, in that we, our whole self, are showing up for our people with that spark of service. 
  • Thoughtful in the dialing in, the making sure our strategy and consistency are playing together and really showing up with effectiveness.

What’s the benefit for you? Crafting Uncommon Content is your golden ticket to standing out and making a real connection with your online audience.

Having a unique voice does separate us out from that sea [of sameness], but having a way of being and presenting yourself online is more than just having a voice. It’s about exercising Uncommon Content.

Finding inspiration in uncommon places 

mapping out your uncommon content strategy

Speaking of uncommon, let me tell you about a little store called Uncommon Goods. This isn’t a plug or affiliate grab, but rather a fascinating place that probably inspired the term “Uncommon Content.” For over 15 years, I’ve been a regular at this online store. It’s a treasure trove of unconventional, creative goodies. Perfect for that hard-to-shop-for friend or a quick self-love spree. The quirkier, the better!

In a sea of e-commerce sameness, Uncommon Goods always stood out to me. They are my go-to site for gift-giving.

Why uncommon and not just unique?

Why is it not just different or unique? Why uncommon and not another of the random synonyms that pop up on PowerThesaurus? When I was defending this word choice, I said, “It’s funny you mentioned the word unique because that’s where I started. I don’t like the word for two reasons. One, unique implies that you, as the creator, have to be special, and I don’t like that connotation. We’re all just people, and you don’t have to be special. You don’t have to know more. You don’t have to be more to help people stand out.”

So what is Uncommon Content? It’s not just special, and it’s not just different. It’s not just original or unique. It knows when to break the rules.

showing up to create content with a spark of service

Uncommon ingrained itself into my mindset–a stamp of uniqueness and beauty, and seemed like a perfect fit while shaping up the content framework for you all. 

It’s the antonym of common. So already, it’s an opposite–we’re standing out from the crowd. It’s inherent in the actual word structure. We’re taking against the commodity, or monopoly content, that others in the space preach. We’re not looking to create the next Boss Babe viral meme that’s shareable because it’s so broad everyone can hit that like button and we’re not about plugging in a keyword and using an AI generator to create ten new articles. We’re uncommon.

I went on to say, “Also the idea of being uncommon brings a thoughtful idea of what all this is. And that was really the goal that I was coming here with anyway. It’s like slapping content out there is not the goal. We are not about spraying and praying. Putting thoughtful, intentional content out there is the goal. And to me, uncommon brings that.

Key Takeaway:

The word uncommon automatically states we are against commodity content.

Introducing the Uncommon Content Framework

If you’re nodding along, now is where it’s time to start taking a look at your current content strategy and deciding whether you’re missing some gaps. What I’ve found is most of my clients come to me hitting two of the three markers in a good enough way, while either totally missing or falling behind on the third.

First, let’s take a look at the Uncommon Content visual:

uncommon content

Uncommon Content means your mapping out your content, showing up, and then dialing in what works, what doesn’t. 

Map Out

If you’re showing up regularly but you haven’t mapped out your content, you often end up in the spray-and-pray content approach, otherwise known as throwing gnocchi at the wall! These random acts of content won’t get you anywhere long-term, even if you’re showing up consistently.

An entrepreneur with a mapped out strategy built on their Brandscape Foundations is putting out thoughtful, intentional content that leads their audience on a trust-building journey. They’ve chosen impactful topics that naturally create open loops of curiosity and position themselves as the next right choice.

Show Up

Showing up means coming with a spark of service–knowing that you’re giving a ton away in your content and doing so happily. It means being consistent and it means honing your voice.

The outstandingly good news is that with a mapped-out content plan, showing up is easier. This is when my clients tell me it feels comfortable showing up regularly.

uncommon content internal framework

Is it a lot of time and work? Absolutely. And it brings you long-term success and well-developed leads, over viral or short-term success. Content is a long game.

Dial In

Strategic content plans mapped out, showing up with your whole self–those are the first two pillars of Uncommon Content. But until you have a way to dial it in by measuring what’s working, what could be more effective, and what you can stop, you won’t hit the Uncommon Content bullseye.

In truth, most solo-ish entrepreneurs hit the ground running with the first two and miss out on this third pillar. Failing to cover this third area means they never get off the content creation hamster wheel. Because they don’t know what works, they keep creating new content.

Dialing it all in means knowing your content ROI and using it as an asset to multiply the efforts of the work you’ve already put in before. This is where evergreen content starts to be a possibility. And building that upon continuing to show up as you add in newer pieces gives your marketing dynamic depth.

Key Takeaway:

Without mapping it out, showing up, and dialing it in all happening, you’ll never hit the Uncommon Content bullseye.

dialing in your content plan to leave behind the content creation hamster wheel

Putting all of that together IS NOT common. Most aren’t willing.

But you are. You’ll go the extra mile and create Uncommon Content that does. the. work in your business!

Grateful Shoutouts 

This journey has not been a solitary one. A big chunk of gratitude belongs to: 

  • Eliya Finkelstein and Chrissie Riese of Data Driven Rebel, who spent precious time sorting through my whirlwind of ideas. Eliya challenged and distilled them into a coherent, impactful strategy. 
  • The next thank you goes to Mel Deziel and Jay Acunzo from Creator Kitchen, who’ve been priceless in this process. This platform has delivered more creative culinary nuggets (had to throw that in there since they’re all about themes) than I envisioned! 
  • And finally, Maggie Patterson of BS Free Business, who is always a sounding board I can count on to help me clarify my ideas.

Embrace the Uncommon 

uncommon content is the alternative to commodity content

So, fellow marketers and entrepreneurs–it’s about time we become unapologetically uncommon. Of course, it involves a little risk and a massive leap from the comfort of the conventional. But remember, in an era of saturated content, standing apart is surviving. Are you ready to join the content rebellion? 

Here are a few questions to get the thinking juices flowing:

  1. Reflecting on your own content creation process, how do you currently stand out in the sea of sameness?
  2. How do you think crafting Uncommon Content can help you build trust with your audience?
  3. In what ways do you exercise Uncommon Content in your online presence?
  4. Do you think having a unique voice in your content is enough to separate you from the sea of sameness? Why or why not?
  5. How do you balance the desire to stand out with the need to provide valuable and relatable content to your audience?
  6. After reading this article, what changes or adjustments do you feel inspired to make in your content creation strategy?

It’s time to create some Uncommon Content!

Do you need help creating a content marketing plan that allows you to shine?

We offer complimentary one-on-one consults to help determine if a done-with-you or done-for-you approach is best for you and your business right now.

Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!

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