What the Pivot?

pivoting your business in challenging times

Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?

For many of us, the last month has been chaotic. Whether you’re a work-at-home pro or newly minted into the crowd, there’s been a lot of change.

Change can be fun and invigorating. It can also be uncomfortable. And when things get uncomfortable, we tend to latch on to something that sounds solid.

Enter, pivot.

For the first week of the great quarantine crisis, I didn’t worry about business at all. I mean, I was actually sick and kind of dealing with life instead of work.

In the second week, I started questioning what promotions I wanted to push or not push. Which messaging to start altering to fit the current mood and circumstance.

That was the week I first heard the pivot whisperings.

By the fourth week, those whispers turned into mumbles and then mumbles into proclamations. And now it’s straight-up parroting. 

That’s what humans do, though. It’s how cliches are born.

But you, my friend, are beyond cliches. You are on the path of brand enlightenment and THAT means you need to know… what exactly needs to pivot?

What worked last month won’t work this month.

What worked last year won’t work this year and what worked last week probably won’t work this week, either.

There’s not a business-as-usual rulebook to follow, here.

But the thing that always remains is that you need to be 100% clear on what your best client wants, what they need, and how you can meet them where they’re at right now.

That’s always been what laying a solid brand foundation covers and that isn’t changing today, virus or not.

It’s time to narrow.

Your best client (AKA your ideal client avatar, but better) might also be changing.

Let’s imagine your best client is a woman in her 30’s. She’s looking to shed a few pounds with a health and fitness routine she can manage in her busy schedule.

Last month, that might have been enough because your services lent themselves well to a busy, single corporate exec AND to an admin assistant who’s also a mom of 2.

But this month? The single exec is now working from home, doesn’t have a lot of stimulation she’s used to having and craving human connection. She’s got all the time in the world to eat healthily, do home workouts, and watch your mindset videos.

And this month that mom of 2 is suddenly trying to work from home while simultaneously manage a toddler and kindergartner. She’s struggling to accomplish her normal workload, exhausted and yelling at her kids and probably crying alone in the bathroom just to catch a break. Dinner might have been healthy last month, but it’s mac and cheese from a box this week.

Show them what they want, give them what they need.

If you’ve fought against narrowing your niche in the past, today is the day to end that fight.

You may very well be able to serve those two women with the same product or at least one that’s similar. But THEY won’t think so.

The corporate exec wants to know you’re providing a ton of content to meet exactly her needs. The work-at-home mom wants quick, hard-hitting wins.

Your new marketing message needs to give them what they want. You can then guide them to what they need.

If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of your best client, it’s time to book in for a Visibility Power Hour. We’ll move together through your brand foundation and make sure your visibility strategy is speaking to those who both want AND need what you have to offer!

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