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Why Branding Photography?

Beauty, Business and Branding photography – but why branding photography? I’ve been focusing and beauty and business, and really branding photos are an extension of the not-so-corporate headshot anyway. While my headshots are very beauty-focused while also being business-appropriate, the branding photos are more casual. They’re airy and bright and filled with energy. They’re engaging! And really, they combine my love of photographing women and helping them feel wonderful in the process WITH my other love, documentary photography.

I came from a background of photographing weddings as a photojournalist. I spent 90% of those days photographing moments as they happened. Not posing, not scripting, just observing. I still like hunting those moments out! So when a few of my business clients started talking about needing more images for their websites beyond the head and shoulders photos, I was intrigued.

And apparently, so is the rest of the world! Go ahead and google “blogs” and you might notice there’s a LOT of content out there. I somehow ended on a popular blog list and noticed myself instantly clicking off the text-heavy sites. Same for the poorly designed sites, I was outta there. It turns out I’m right in the middle of the sought-after demographic advertisers love, so take note. Pretty images sell. Pretty images that evoke a feeling in the viewer sell REALLY well.

In the house-hunting mode I’ve lived in for the last six months or so, I’ve seen plenty of lifestyle blogs related to decorating and living life well. They always seem to go together. And they’re really great at drawing you in, helping you yearn just a little more for what they offer. The best ones mix great design and enticing photos to back up the their brand. Check out the Jungalow. Right away, I know who I’m reading with a great photo in the left sidebar that shows a bohemian and whimsical character (writer of the blog). She’s surrounded by objects of importance to her and the life she’ll help you lead. And she looks happy and relaxed. Don’t you want to be happy and relaxed? And then the first blog post just reinforces all the words I listed!jungalow lifestyle blog

Let’s talk TV now. Back when everyone else was all about Rachel Ray, I loved the Barefoot Contessa. While I was learning to cook, I mastered a few of her dishes to the point I could make them out of thin air and impress an impromptu dinner gathering. There was something about her bright, airy, pristine kitchen that inspired me to be a better cook. I like to take this same idea to the branding photography for your business. Mix in a headshot in your natural surroundings with a few details of the work you create, the people with whom you work and a few semi-action photographs of you doing that work and it’s the perfect recipe for a great visual presence.

Define how you want to be perceived.

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? When your first contact with a potential client is in person, you don’t snow up in yoga pants unless you’re a fitness professional. And when your first contact with a potential client is online, you need to find the photographic equivalent of that. Is your goal a friendly, supportive space for your clients? Be friendly. Show support. And do this in every area of your web presence from copy to design to photos.

  • a blog without good photography is boringUnder the “interesting” blog category, Marginal Revolution. I don’t know how interesting they are, because I couldn’t figure out where to look first. Marginal just took on a whole new meaning here.
  • good photography on lifestyle blogAnd then Marc and Angel Hack Life is the polar opposite! Even their faces direct you right to the content. And this is just one, good lifestyle photo. Imagine what you can do with more.

I love the above examples. Good design helps of course – but even the monochromatic color scheme of the life hack site supports their idea that you can live simply and better. Lack of color doesn’t make their site unappealing because they have a thought out image plan. Note, both sites are showcasing books in the sidebar but on the life hack site, it’s much more appealing.

This is what I want to give you. This is how I can help you. Let’s figure out a way to bring your online presence into the new digital marketing era so you can thrive.