carmen hunter on rebranding


Carmen Hunter did all the things the experts said to do, had all the needed tools in place and still wasn’t seeing results. She wasn’t getting traffic and it wasn’t the algorithm’s fault: it was hers. Learn how she rebranded to her true authentic self and the results followed. We talk about niching, letting go, and your best client.


  • Carmen talks about how it’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the things you need to do as a business and forget authenticity
  • Why losing connection with your purpose will lead to an inauthentic brand and ultimately financial pitfalls
  • If you’ve branded “backward” as Carmen did, there’s still a chance it will all work for you.
  • When you’re not getting the traffic you desire, don’t blame it on the algorithm. Look into whether you’re aligned.
  • Carmen talks about the struggles she faced with self-reflection and realizing who she and her brand really were.
  • We talk about the big moment when Carmen moved more into a space of authenticity.
  • Why letting go and opening up constriction is the key to abundant flow.
  • Carmen’s message to those in the “things aren’t working and they should be” space
  • Why a “what to expect from working with me” is a great client filter
  • We talk about the fallacy of the ideal client avatar
  • How flaws and problems you’re facing can make you relatable to the people who most need your help
  • Carmen talks about her solution to the lack of connection in today’s world
  • We talk about the words heart-centered and heartfelt and making decisions from the heart or the ego



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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!